Wednesday, 28 September 2016

WIPW - Focus on Trinity Green

The focus on Work In Progress Wednesday for this week is only on

Trinity Green

I have filled 13 paper strips of 351 triangles, and now have a total of 5.103 triangles.

Fabric in Focus

Batik is very popular with quilters and the marbled effect gives life and variety to anything dull.
 For me it means a lot of fussy cutting to get at the green colours.

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

TASTy Tuesday Second Helpings 117 - 122

Now that the TAST stitches are grouped in three each I will make six stitches per week, instead of seven - it gives me a day off once a week, and will slow down the progress!

117) Bullion Vandyke Stitch
118) Beaded Buttonhole Stitch
119) Woven Trellis Stitch

120) Double Herringbone Stitch
121) Twisted Lattice Band Stitch
122) Chained Bar Stitch

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

WIPW - Three Cheers for TAST

Work In Progress Wednesday no longer includes the HC (Himeji Castle) quilt as I completed it last week. This will give me a chance to speed up progress on Trinity Green - I thought. There was another birthday, though, and I made a card.

Trinity Green
I added another 270 triangles and the total is now 4,752:

Fabric in Focus
I don't know if you can call this 'designer' fabric, but it is sold at IKEA, the Swedish furniture giant whose shops pop up like mushrooms all over the world.
Typical for Swedish prints, and maybe especially IKEA, is the large scale of the design. It makes it hard to use for small pieces in patchwork. So I fussy cut the green areas, ignored the cute animals and just salvaged the green.

Birthday Card

I wanted to make a simple birthday card and picked a few of the TAST stitches I have recently been having Second Helpings of.
Three Cheers for TAST!
Light blue is #95 Linked Chain Stitch
Turquoise is #14 Stem Stitch
Blue with orange links is #104 Buttonholed Cable Chain Stitch
Blue with beads is #26 Up and Down Buttonhole Stitch
I also added an appliquéd dot (with a plastic cup inside)

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

TASTy Tuesday - Second Helpings 111 - 116

In the last post you saw that I have run out of space at the bottom of the sampler for more stitches. I have divided the sides into ten sections where I will stitch three stitches in each.
 Here I serve up the six first stitches in this new section:
111) Zig-zag Coral Stitch
112) Feathered Chain Stitch
113) Beaded Feathered Chain Stitch

114) Long Tail Chain Stitch
115) Whipped Long Tail Chain Stitch
116) Beaded Vandyke Stitch