Friday, 21 July 2017

Friday Homework for Lesson 29: Madam Totsuka's Loop Stitch

Here is my homework for Sunday Stitch School's Lesson 29.

A line of Madam Totsuka's Loop Stitch on my Aida sampler:

This stitch needs to be anchored properly and to be able to do so on Aida, you need to work in the woven areas between the holes...

Freeform embroidery:
I made a small floral display. The stitch works nicely in a circle for flowers and if the loops are large enough they could go for leaves. With small loops they make a very knobby stem.
I will definitely use this stitch for embellishing seams on crazy quilting.

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

WIPW - Snake Guts

Work In Progress Wednesday. Time for a report:

It has been too hot to work during the daytime so I have let the midnight light burn while quilting

Trinity Green 
All the in-the-ditch quilting is done and I have something that looks like Snake Guts (intestine).
I am still pondering what to do with the 'tagliatelle' quilting. Free motion or Fancy Machine stitching?

NHK Partnership Quilt

I have completed the block for  NHK's Partnership Quilt project. As you may remember, the theme was Tree of Life.
It was hard to do on this small scale, 15cmx15cm, and I settled for round leaves and made one round Swedish flag.
Last day for a contribution is 31st July. Read more here.

Sunday, 16 July 2017

Sunday Stitch School: Lesson 29 - Madam Totsuka's Loop Stitch

Welcome to the Library at Sunday Stitch School.
Today I want you to have a look at another of Madam Sadako Totsuka's books: Totsuka Embroidery Stitch Book 12.

This book is devoted to the Loop Stitch and the Rosetta Stitch and a lot of arrangements.

A stitch called Loop Stitch (also known as Detached Chain Stitch or Knotted Loop Stitch) can be found in other stitch dictionaries.

Today's stitch is a different one all together. To keep them apart, I will give it the nickname of  Madam Totsuka's Loop Stitch. It is a version of the Chain Stitch.

To work it successfully you need plain weave fabric, a needle with a sharp tip and a thread that can be split:

Come out of the fabric and pierce the thread where it came out.

 Take the needle out a step below and place the thread underneath the needle.

 Insert the needle at the start, again piercing the thread.

 When you pull through, a loop is formed and anchored firmly.

 It should stand up like this
This is the basic Madam Totsuka's Loop Stitch.

To make a line, take the needle out at the bottom of that straight stitch, and repeat in the same way, making sure the loops are anchored firmly.

After a while you will have a line of loopy loops.

Your homework
will be to work
1) a line on the Aida sampler. Use a sharp tipped needle and fix the stitches securely as Aida is not really a suitable fabric to work on.

2) also work some free form embroidery on this scrap of batik.
I hope you will enjoy this 'new' stitch. Should you have seen it before and have a name for it, please let me know.

Friday, 14 July 2017

Friday Homework for Lesson 28: Half Bullioned Chain Stitch

It's Friday here at Sunday Stitch School and I'll have to produce my homework for stitch #28 Half Bullioned Chain.

The task was to work it on my Aida sampler, and here it is:
There was no time, nor any energy to make anything else with the stitch - unfortunately.

I quite like the buttonhole look of the stitches.