Wednesday, 24 August 2016

WIPW - Puffy? Stony?

Is there any progress of work on this Wednesday for the WIPW, Work In Progress Wednesday?
Yes, here it is:

Trinity Green
270 new triangles. Total count is 4.050.

Fabric in Focus
Previously I have highlighted some designers, namely Laura Ashley, William Morris, and my friend Åsa Wettre. You do remember Åsa, don't you, with her waffle heart and bird designs? When she kindly gave me pieces from her stash I found among them some bits of fabric by another designer, Kaffe Fassett. His prints are readily available at quilt show stalls, but are far too expensive for my budget.
Anyway, this week I cut up these prints:

HC Quilt
I have been quilting the stone blocks in the foundation of the castle. Don't they look 'puffy and stony' at the same time?
Instead of the traditional Quilting (Running) Stitch I have used Straight and Back Stitch.

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

TASTy Tuesday - Second Helpings 85 - 91

Lemon sherbet, butter scotch, lime juice and boiled sweets. This week the TASTy stitches are either tart or sweet.

From the top:
85) Raised Cup
86) Turkman Stitch
87) Buttonhole Picot Bullion Stitch
88) Buttonhole Picot Chain Stitch
89) Twisted Satin Stitch
90) Beaded Twisted Satin Stitch
91) Straight Sided Feather Stitch

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

WIPW - The Usual + A Birthday Card

What news is there for Work In Progress Wednesday this week? Well, there is the ususal stuff:

Trinity Green
The addition of 270 triangles makes 3780 the total number in my collection.

Fabric in Focus
Last week I told you about the popularity of Laura Ashley in Japan, and I added a 'show and tell' of how I have used her fabric.

Laura Ashley is classy, but William Morris is classier! Of all the beautiful designs my favourite is Golden Lily. Do you know that there are two versions? I have some curtains in the traditional green and gold print
  then bought the minor version (Golden Lily Minor) in a shop in London.
 I had a wee bit left and as the material is much thinner and more suited for patchwork than the original cretonne it was sacrificed for Trinity Green.

H C Quilt
I have completed almost all the quilting on the line drawings on the castle. I'll do the windows later.
Next step is the stone blocks.

Stumpwork Portrait
I had another birthday card to make, and once again it became a stumpwork portrait.

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

TASTy Tuesday Second Helpings 78 - 84

This week's creamy, buttery colours were 'delicious' to work with.

From top:
78) Cloud Filling
79) Chained Cross Stitch
80) Raised Chain, version 1 (left)
81) Raised Chain, version 2 (right)
82) Spanish Feather Stitch
83) Siennese Stitch
84) Spiked Knotted Chain Stitch

The steamy heat of Tokyo has had an adverse affect on the quality of my stitching - and photography, sorry about the blurred picture.

Don't know what TAST is? It stands for Take A Stitch Tuesday, which was an online course in embroidery stitches led by Sharon Boggon of Pintangle.
In this series of TASTy Tuesday Second Helpings I am repeating seven stitches each week of the 140 stitches once learned.
Have I wetted your appetite for embroidery? Do you want to learn some of these stitches? Then head over to Pintagle's stitch dictionary where you can learn from the clear and easy to follow instructions.
Happy stitching!